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Meet the Photographer

Since my grandmother first put a camera in my hand, my world has changed. I began to see everything through a different perspective. I strive to send the world messages through my photos.


I want to capture beyond moments, but emotion, love, pain, unseen stories, unheard people, unseen issues all around the world that are demanding to be to be brought to attention. Seeing things from a completely different perspective, like turning a broom into a flower. Also capturing all the beauty of the world that sometimes goes overlooked. Photography helps me express what my words cannot say.


 I have been pursuing photography since I was a young girl around the age of 10. The passion has followed me throughout my entire life into college as I received my minor in Photography and the Arts from Florida Atlantic University. I also work as a Behavioral Therapist and a Gymnastics Coach. I enjoy all the arts but photography and ceramics are my favorite mediums. 

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